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Static Typing Makes (Some) Tests Unnecessary

10th June 2021

There is a common claim that by using a statically-typed language in place of a dynamically-typed language, you save the number of tests you have to write. So I wanted...

My First Programming Job

24th May 2021

In 1996, I attended a computer show called VIEX, the Vancouver Island Expo in Victoria, BC. I was 13 years old. My Dad dropped me off at the venue, had...

History of RSpec

9th May 2021

In 2001 I started teaching Test-Driven Development to teams. Back then it was still a fairly new concept. Few teams had automated tests of any kind, and fewer still had...

Managing Dotfiles with GNU Stow

13th November 2018

Managing dotfiles can be tricky when you have multiple machines. Fortunately, there’s a beautifully simple tool that makes this easy: GNU Stow. If you have dotfiles that you want to...